Rubisoft is a French R&D company, specialized in Electronic Intelligence (ELINT).

As a leader in Elint, we offer premium-quality solutions from complex waveform generation up to detection, recording and analysis tools.

Rubilint V5

Passive Elint Sensor
22% lighter and 26% less cumbersome than previous version


Real-time digital sensor
100% passive
Frequency range (standard)
20 MHz – 18 GHz
Instantaneous bandwidth
800 MHz (1)
Switchable amplifier
+30 dB
0 to 60 dB (step: 2 dB)
Interpulse data
Timestamp, PW, PRI, level
Intrapulse data
Timestamp, I-Q, frequency
Real-time I-Q data
14 bit
Real time data storage
2 TB
Extractible data storage
5 TB
Size (L x W x H )
81 x 64 x 47 cm
52 Kg

1: The instantaneous bandwidth is available in the entire frequency range, i.e. from 20 MHz up to 18 GHz.

Additional features

Can we synchronize several Rubilint V5 units ?
Yes, up to 2.
Instantaneous bandwidth with 2 units.
1600 MHz or 2 x 800 MHz.
Can we merge the data of 2 units.
Yes, both interpulse et intrapulse data are merged.
Can Rubilint V5 be used as a spectrum monitoring system while acquiring interpulse & intrapulse data?
Yes, the operator can see the real-time spectrum in the entire frequency range during interpulse/intrapulse acquisition.

Additional product

Rubilink detects air & sea activity

Elint portfolio

Simelint® : Solution to define complex electromagnetic environments that include multiple radars with intrapulse waveforms, then to generate it.
Antelint® : Full set of antenna systems.
Rubilint® : Solution to monitor the spectrum, to detect waveforms and to record them. A reference in ELINT !
Rubilink® : Solution to check the surrounding area – sea and air !
Analint® : Analysis software used to extract interpulse and intrapulse information from recorded data.