Rubilint is a real-time passive ELINT sensor. It is a reference sensor used to monitor, detect, intercept and record radar waveforms. Both interpulse and intrapulse data are recorded during a mission.

Rubilint is delivered with a very powerful software which control both the elint sensor and the antenna system connected to the RF input.

Numerous tools are included in the software to assist the operator during the mission, such as:

  • Real time spectrum;
  • Max hold;
  • Spectrogram;
  • Cursors, markers on interpulse and intrapulse data over time traces;
  • ASCII dump;
  • Screen capture;
  • Etc.

This system uses a Keysight N9030A PXA signal analyzer as a front end. Real time data from IF are sent to a Rubisoft dedicated real time hardware which extracts complex waveforms. Such a test and measure front-end assures an optimal quality of data.

 The entire detection system, i.e. Elint sensor plus antenna system plus control-command, is installed on the field and running in less than 15 minutes.

Main characteristics (Version 4) :

  • Frequency range from 10 MHz up to 26 GHz (option: 40 GHz);
  • Instantaneous bandwidth up to 500 MHz;
  • Real recording of spectrum, interpulse and intrapulse data.