Simelint is a multi-channel generator.

It can be used on the field to:

  • Test Electronic Warfare systems (ESM, ECM, JAMMER, etc);
  • Define and validate EW waveform library;
  • Train and evaluate Elint operators.

The system is completely controlled by a laptoop computer with a dedicated software developped by Rubisoft which is used to:

  • Define a waveform library;
  • Assign multiple waveforms to a radar;
  • Define an antenna pattern for each radar;
  • Define complex scenarios with multiple radars;
  • Place radars around an Elint receiver;
  • Calculate the resulting waveform received by the Elint system;
  • Finally, generate the resulting waveform with a control of the generation through a Rubisoft’ electronic board that drives in real time the I-Q memory dump.